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DIY: Bottle Cap Picture Frame October 19, 2011

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DIY: Bottle Cap Picture Frame

Do you have tons of bottle caps laying around that you’ve collected? If you’re like me, you collect these things hoping to someday use them in some sort of crafty way.
This is a cute, relatively simple way to make a small dent in your collection!
(I took lots of pictures to share!)


-Bottle caps (obviously!)
-Picture Frame you’d like to use (I used a simple wood one from Michael’s)
-Hot Glue


Gather your bottle caps.

Step 2

Put glue on the outside edge of the bottle cap and stick it on the frame.
Continue to do this for all bottle caps until you have filled the frame.

Step 3

Pick out the bottle caps you’d like to use for your words. The letters will be going on the underside of the bottle cap, so I suggest choosing bottle caps you might not be too fond of or have insane amounts of.

Step 4

In theory, the insides of all bottle caps should be the same width or at least very very close to the same width. I measured mine to 1 inch.

After you have your measurements, you can print out your letters.
I used size 55 point font- it seemed to work out well within the 1 inch mark. Depending on the font face you use, you might need to adjust the size.

Also remember to make sure you leave plenty of space between the letters!

Step 5

Center one of the bottle caps around one of your letters and trace around the bottom. Try to get very close to bottom edge so that your paper fits inside the bottle cap.

Step 6

Cut out your letters!


Step 7

Glue the letters in

You’ll want to make sure to press the letters in and don’t forget the edges!

Step 8

Glue the back of the bottle caps where you’d like them on your frame (obviously so you can see the letters)

And ta-da! Bottle caps used!


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